Intro to Coding

Learn all basic and foundational skills that are necessary to start your coding journey. You will learn how computers work, how they understand our language and also you will be able to write your own programs.


Principium (the beginning)

What if we said that you can learn to code in Java in just one week, or two weeks? Well, that would be a lie! Even for those who already know other programming languages it will take some time until they feel comfortable using the Java language. Is it so hard? Well, it is not super easy and at the same time it is not a rocket science. We will learn it step by step and make sure that you understand all the topics that will be taught.

Without having appropriate knowledge about computers, internet, and how websites and applications work, it would be extremely hard to learn coding any programming language in the first place.

We start our course from the foundational topics of IT and then move on to the next level. You will learn how computers work; how internet works and how websites deliver the services the way we see it.

Computer Theory. You will learn about software, hardware, and how computers work behind the scenes!

Internet Theory. We will define web browsers, servers and how the Internet works.

Programming Basics. Understand how programming languages compile and interact with computers.

Java Language. Start learning Java language basics and code some simple applications.

SDLC. Learn about the Software Development Life Cycle and understand the entire process.

Documentations. We will learn about Software requirements and other documentations and learn how to work with them.

Consequuntur (the result)

By the end of the 1st month, you will already have clear understanding about the Software Development Life Cycle. We will cover all popular methodologies and frameworks that are currently used and applied in the development of software and applications. We will also cover Front-end, Back-end and database to understand the entire workflow of the web applications as we will be testing them in our course. As we also develop our own web application in-house, students will have a chance to see the real development environment.

On top of that students will learn beginner level of Java programming language. They would be able to create applications that can do complex calculations, conversions and other interesting activities that would help them to understand the logic behind the programming language.

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