Business Systems Analyst

Business Systems Analyst in IT

"The Business Systems Analyst is a member of Software Development team who is charge for all documentations, see the analysis and development of a company's business operations. Duties include analyzing requirements, estimating cost, and establishing system protocols."

What does BSA do?

The BSA is responsible for gathering the requirements for the system or the software that is going to built. They are usually involved in business side of the project at early stages to develop documentations, workflows, charts, diagrams, and other project related information. Later, they join the technical team to deliver all those developed documentations in more technical language.

"Business Systems Analyst is a bridge between business owners and technical team who translates the  client's wishes and wants to the technical language"

Business Systems Analysts make on average $85,000 a year. Making the position very attractive to people who are interested to start a new chapter in their life in a short time. It does not require coding or programming skills, the candidate is expected to be familiar with Software Development Life Cycle and function as the source keeper of the project.

How to become BSA?

Business Systems Analyst position is considered as an IT job and requires the candidate to have overall understanding of how computers, web and mobile application, databases and other development related fields works. The program requires a diploma from a domestic or international university in order to stay competitive in the job market. Must have fluent English language skills and be familiar with professional business language to write documentations and hold meetings.

Who can apply?

Our 12 - week BSA program is available for everyone; individuals and professionals who are looking to transition into a business-technical career, this program provides a set of skills necessary to turn the dream into reality.  The program covers all fundamental topics that would be needed to start a new job as a BSA. Candidates will learn the most required and demanded skills such as Agile Scrum, SDLC, Software Documentation, Development Frameworks, Project Visualization tools, Intro to Development, Intro to Testing, Manual Testing, Database, AWS cloud engineering, and other interesting tools and skills that would be useful in their future career.


12 - week program

Great opportunity for those who wants to be part of the Software Development from the business perspective

The Program

The program will take 12 weeks to finish. Graduates will be able to start IT career as a Business Systems Analyst


Varies based on enrolled program and time. Check enrollment page for the details here

Online Portal - LMS

All classes recorded & learning materials will be uploaded to online portal. Students can re-watch classes with 24/7 access

Job Support

Upon graduation from the program students will be trained and supported until they get a job


We offer installment plans for every student and provide flexibility so they focus on learning.


Students will have an option to earn recognized certification such Scrum Master

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