Software QA Engineer

Who is Software Tester (SQAE)?

The Software Tester is an engineer, a member of Software Development team who is charge for the quality of the software or application that developers have built. The main job of the Software Tester is to test the new or existing software before it meets the final users! Software Testers also known as "Quality police" who ensures that software has no defects or bugs.

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24 - week program

Here are some information about our SQAE program that you may find useful

The Program

The program will take 24 weeks to finish. Graduates will be able to start IT career as an Automation & Manual testers.


Varies based on enrolled program and time. Check enrollment page for the
details here

Online Portal - LMS

All classes recorded & learning materials will be uploaded to online portal. Students can re-watch classes with 24/7 access

Job Support

Upon graduation from the program students will be trained and supported until they get a job


We offer installment plans for every student and provide flexibility so they focus on learning.


Students will have an option to earn recognized certifications such as Oracle Java, Scrum Master and AWS Amazon

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